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Link Affinity is Media Outreach and digital media relations tool with machine learning and AI technology

Link building is not just an SEO action. It is a way to get presence where your potential customers are. Find the right bloggers and influencers it´is essential for your business

Link Affinity is much more that a Link building tool. Is a intelligence Media Outreach and media relations tool.

Link Affinity it´s a system capable of helping you build content and distribute it on the network as well as promoting existing content, obtaining the highest links authority and, above all, relating to sites that are truly related to your sector

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Our testimonials

Essential tool for any professional SEO who does link building.

Its great difference, the calculation of semantics (unmatched by any current tool worldwide).


Nacho Benavides
CEO Seoblinders - Almería Spain

Link Affinity does it all! Research, analysis, outreach - all the valuable steps to achieve relevant and high-quality links.

Itamar Blauer
Digital Marketing Executive at MintTwist - London

Have been doing linkbuilding for many years now, and I've found this tool to be the only one saving me a huge amount of time by eliminating the need to analyse individual websites where I want to post a link.

Miguel Pascual
Marketing Director at
Barcelona, España

Certainly the best tool I tried for now for linkbuilding, there is no other way with these features, keep it that way !!!

Sebastian Querelos
Co-Founder at Growth Marketing Digital
Buenos Aires, Argentina

It is a tool that will save you many hours of manual analysis and classification. The Risk Level and Affinity metrics are a real cool. Recommended 100%

Juan Carlos Pell
Freelance SEO Consultant
Barcelona, España

Link affinity is a really useful tool that makes our daily work much easier!
This tool is able to detect the most suitable links for your website.

Jesús Madurga
Madrid - Spain

What´s the Link Affinity factor?

The link affinity is based on the semantic relationship between the content of your project and the content and visibility of the prospects. We crawl all the potential partners and extract, their metatags, text content and we check their visibility in Google for through a complex algorithm that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to calculate the real semantic affinity. We do not only think of links but also of links between sites that benefit you by the users that visit your partners.

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Smart technology for smart content marketing and Link building strategy

Link Affinity will allow you to dedicate time to what is truly important. Your algorithm will work for you and save you hundreds of hours. You can automate all tasks so that you spend time only on what is really interesting. Your productivity will multiply and your effectiveness too. Do not keep doing a link building of the past based on indicators, Link affinity looks for interesting partners to establish relationships

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